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Interested Persons

If you are interested in participating in Ijmāʿ-on-Slavery as a Scholar-Contributor, please submit your credentials in the application form below. Your membership gives you access to the discussion in the Scholar-Contributor Portal, and you are encouraged to submit Posts, which can be articles, stories, commentary, and other writings of an academic nature and concerned with whether there should be an ijmāʿ on slavery in Islamic law. For effective communication, posts are published in both Arabic and English. You may submit your post in either language. In accordance with Islamic law, Scholar-Contributors on the question of whether there should be an ijmāʿ on slavery must be fluent in Arabic. If you submit your post in Arabic, it will be translated into English by translators engaged by the admin staff of this website. You are also encouraged to comment on other Scholar-Contributor’s Posts to add to the discussion.

Many fields in the form are optional, but interested persons are encouraged to add any qualification or achievement that will help the review process. Anything that does not fit in the form fields can be added to the “Other Credentials” field at the end. 

We may reach out to you by email with other questions or concerns regarding your application. After your application is reviewed and approved, we will contact you with further instructions to set up your Scholar-Contributor account, giving you access to the Scholar-Contributor Portal. If your application is denied, we will explain the reasons for the denial in an email to you.  

Anonymous Contributors

Ijmāʿ-on-Slavery encourages the participation of any and all interested and qualified individuals. We will support the contributions of those who want or need to remain anonymous, and we pledge to keep any personally identifiable information private. By submitting the Contribute Form below, you are revealing your identity only to those persons who will process your application. Those people, including website administrators, organizers, translators, and others involved in this project are bound by Confidentiality Contracts and the terms of our Privacy Policy. 

If you have any questions about participating as an Anonymous Contributor, please contact us using the Inquire Form. 


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